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Seller training

- Beginner -

Master Vendor Central with advanced techniques for optimizing the catalog, processing orders, and boosting your growth on Amazon.

This course includes :

✔ Catalog management and optimization
▹ Mastering the Vendor Central catalog
▹ SEO optimization: detailed pages, bullet points, images and keywords
▹ Experiment with A/B tests to improve visibility

✔ Marketing strategy and customer loyalty
▹ Definition of an annual strategy with budget and format
▹ Setting up an effective promotional calendar
▹ Use the “Plan and Save” program to build customer loyalty

✔ Analyzing costs and improving profitability
▹ Understanding the PPM (Pure Profit Margin) dashboard
▹ Analyze data with Amazon Brand Analytics
▹ Analyze operating performance

✔ Dispute management and billing
▹ Analyze quantity and price disputes
▹ Understanding and managing price discrepancies

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Learn from Amazon experts

Founded by two Amazon alumni, Deeploy, head of AMZ Alumni, ensures unrivalled expertise with 100% of our Account Strategists certified in Amazon Advertising, guaranteeing best practices for your success on Amazon.

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Testimonial - Accessories

Rodenstock (eyewear): +25% YoY for conversion rate.

Bertrand Micheletti - Global Retail & Key Account Specialist at Rodenstock

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Seller training

- Beginner -

Master the complex nuances of Amazon seller management with advanced strategies, catalog optimization, and in-depth expertise to maximize your sales.