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Amazon is a business of its own

Once you’ve launched on Amazon with an optimized catalog, you’ll need to promote your brand to build awareness and sales. But Amazon advertising is in a class of its own: more complex than Google, it requires a 360° approach that traditional agencies don’t have. Entrust us with your budget, and let us put the methods we’ve learned at Amazon to work for you.

Why choose Deeploy

Do you work with a Google Ads agency? Amazon advertising has nothing to do with this: it requires a 360° approach (advertising, logistics, profitability, intervention on the seller or vendor account, customer satisfaction…). Entrust us with your budget, and let us put to work the 360° vision and methods we’ve acquired at Amazon.

Amazon: a solution for all your needs,
at every stage of the tunnel

Advertise on Amazon and beyond

Communicating on Amazon is no longer limited to the Amazon site. Today, it’s a very broad media and non-media ecosystem.
Deeploy is one of the few agencies to master the entire Amazon ecosystem, enabling us to build ambitious campaigns tailored to your needs, whether in terms of brand awareness or sales.

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Many media agencies specializing in Google Ads also manage Amazon Advertising budgets. In our opinion, this is the same mistake as when agencies that managed TV budgets also took charge of Google budgets.

After all, Amazon Advertising is just one of the building blocks of success on Amazon, and is closely linked to the others: logistics, product page optimization, pricing, stock availability, etc. Success on Amazon Advertising therefore requires global expertise: mastery of logistical issues, the links between paid advertising and Amazon SEO, and above all, the ability to intervene directly in the Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Vendor Central tool if necessary. These are all subjects where media agencies are generally lacking.

Raphaël, co-founder and COO of Deeploy, trained media agencies at the time of the launch of the Amazon Advertising platform in France. He then realized that media agencies only mastered the “tool” part, but not all the essential aspects. Hence his commitment to creating an Amazon Advertising division at Deeploy that delivers optimum performance.

When everything else is ready.

The fundamentals must be validated:
– product pages complying with Amazon quality standards: optimized titles, images, text, etc.
– availability of products in stock

Only then is it relevant and effective to launch Amazon Advertising campaigns, with good performance.

At Deeploy, we have an internal checklist to ensure that every customer is ready to launch their Amazon Advertising campaigns, and we only commit to launching a campaign if the customer fully meets these requirements.

Contact us to find out more. And if you’re not yet ready for an Amazon Advertising campaign, we’ll be happy to advise you or help you get ready (optimizing files, content, product availability, etc.) as quickly as possible.

– Your maturity on Amazon. Thus, a new brand wishing to penetrate a highly competitive market will need to invest up to 20% of target sales, whereas a leading multi-million euro company wishing to consolidate its position will invest around 5% of target sales.
– Your strategy: if you want to build brand awareness on Amazon, the levers are different from a more ROI-oriented strategy focused on developing Amazon sales.
– average ROAS for the category: ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) varies widely from one category to another. The median ROAS can vary from 3 to 20 depending on the category.

For two reasons:
– You’re as close as possible to the customer’s buying intention. As a result, ROAS are generally significantly higher on Amazon than on Google Ads or Facebook Ads.
– Conversion is probably better than on your own site: good “performers” on Amazon have conversion rates of 12 to 20%, compared with an average rate in traditional e-commerce of between 1 and 2%.

Yes, it’s quite possible. Amazon accounts for 34 million unique visitors per month in France alone. That’s why many major brands, including Renault, have started to communicate on Amazon.

Even if you don’t sell on Amazon, your customers are on Amazon.