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We manage your account 360 degrees to make you a leader

Our account management expertise turnkey

Working at Amazon, we’ve learned that brand success rests on 4 pillars: product, price, availability and activation. The challenge is to coordinate them smoothly.

When you entrust your account to Deeploy, you can be sure of perfect execution on all 4 parameters simultaneously, for maximum performance.


Why outsource management
your Amazon account

Testimonial - Toys

"We have become No. 1 in sales in 2 categories, with 52% growth in sales".

Laurent Manceron - CEO of Les Déglingos

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For three reasons:
– For many companies, the cost of outsourcing is lower than hiring a full-time, highly-qualified person.
– There are very few Amazon experts on the market, and that’s what we do. What’s more, an e-commerce expert won’t necessarily know how to manage an Amazon account, since Amazon standards, practices and rules have little in common with other platforms or sites.
– This allows you to capitalize on the experience we’ve acquired with all Deeploy customers: we’ve seen it all, known it all! It’s a way of ensuring “frictionless” progress.

Many of our customers preferred to hire internally before coming back and turning to us.

Here again, for three reasons:
– The founders are two former Amazon employees with 12 years’ experience at Amazon and 180 million euros in annual sales under management.
– Deeploy is recognized by Amazon (member of the Amazon Advanced Partner Network)
– 97% of our customers renew their contracts with us

We charge a fixed part and a variable part based on performance. In this way, our interests are perfectly aligned.