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Dive into the world of Deeploy through the eyes of the media: a space dedicated to stories, interviews and echoes that bear witness to our impact on the world of Amazon. Discover us, through them.

Top 10 best Amazon Agencies in Paris

Deeploy, 1st Amazon Agency!

- Little Big Things -

Deeploy, an undisputed giant in Amazon marketing, stands out as the leader among Amazon specialist agencies.
With 12 years' experience accumulated by its founders at the heart of Amazon, Deeploy has established itself as the leading reference in the Paris market.



Retail Media holds the ad...


Find out from Kevin Buzaglo, CEO of Deeploy, how retail media is transforming advertising and commerce, offering a lucrative revolution on Amazon and beyond, for unprecedented returns on investment.



Lagging behind in AI, Amazon is multiplying its projects

- Journal du net -

Kevin Buzaglo, CEO of Deeploy, delivers his expert analysis of Amazon's ambitions in artificial intelligence, revealing the stakes and potential of this quest for innovation for one of the giants of technology.


Interview - food category

Recipes for better eating, a new lever for e-tailers

- LSA -

Deeploy shares its perspectives on the future of food e-commerce: an era where recipes and healthy choices become growth drivers for brands on Amazon, revolutionizing the way we shop online.



Layoffs, closures, losses... What's happening at Amazon?

- Journal du net -

Faced with post-COVID challenges and an uncertain economic environment, Deeploy CEO Kevin Buzaglo sheds light on the importance of adapting to Amazon's new strategies, highlighting emerging opportunities despite recent layoffs and restructuring.


Our customers say it best...


France spared by Tech layoffs

- Strategies -

In a landscape where France stands out for its stability in the technology sector, this article highlights a period of opportunity for brands selling on Amazon, encouraged to optimize their strategies and teams in the face of a dynamic and promising job market.



Wave of redundancies: Amazon, hit but not sunk

- Le Parisien-

At a time of massive layoffs affecting big tech, this article looks at how Amazon, after cutting 18,000 jobs, remains a pillar of e-commerce, providing key insights for brands aiming to grow on its platform.


Interview - BFM Business

Deeploy is recruiting!

Kevin Buzaglo, CEO of Deeploy, answers Sandra Gandouin’s questions on 90 Business.