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10 key tips to improve your profitability on Amazon

Food supplements category

How Nutrimuscle became category leader within 2 years of its launch on Amazon.

Category Beauty

Poméol: +123% sales by 2022 thanks to increased visibility on Amazon

Download our case study to find out how Deeploy increased Poméol’s visibility and brand awareness.

Category Beauty

Dossier: Optimized brand content boosts average shopping basket by 10%!

In a highly competitive perfume sector on Amazon, Dossier has to find a way to stand out from the crowd while remaining true to its identity.

Discover how Deeploy helped Dossier increase its average shopping basket by 10% thanks to brand content.

Category Health & Wellness

How did Deeploy help Terraillon break into a new market segment on Amazon?

Download our case study to discover how Terraillon became #1 on Amazon on the “Adult sleep” result page.

Childcare category

Pabobo diaper garbage can, Top Seller on Amazon despite fierce competition.

In childcare, Pabobo faces an ultra-competitive market. Purchasing a diaper garbage can is usually done before or after birth, making the window of opportunity short.

Explore Deeploy’s precise targeting strategy that boosted Pabobo orders by 120%.

Category Kitchen

Senya: From Challenger to Leader on Amazon

Discover how Deeploy has enabled Senya to penetrate a market occupied by market leaders and known to the general public.

Result: No. 1 on Amazon in the plancha and tea maker category.

Toys category

How does Vtech maintain its leadership position while expanding its audience?

Download our case study to explore the success behind an impressive +70% improvement in new users between 2021 and 2022 (NTB).

Eyewear category

Safilo: +8.6x sales and European leader in eyewear on Amazon in 2 years

As part of the Group’s digital transformation, Amazon has been identified as a new strategic sales lever. 

Find out how Deeploy has enabled the group to become the leader in sunglasses on Amazon in Europe, in a highly competitive market with Chinese sellers selling at low prices.

Toys category

Bonux products on Amazon's 1st page after 10 years off the market.

Bonux is a brand belonging to the Heritage group, which specializes in maintenance.

Download our case study to find out how Deeploy successfully launched the Bonux brand thanks to a 360° strategy for their Amazon account.

Practical guide

Define a strategic plan for Amazon highlights.

Outperforming on Amazon for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas Rush… mission impossible?

The last quarter is crucial for brands on Amazon. Adopt the right strategy with advice from the Deeploy experts to maximize your sales and achieve your goals.