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Explore Deeploy’s expert insights and analysis of Amazon’s latest trends and developments. Find out how these changes are impacting the market, and how brands can navigate this ever-changing ecosystem to maximize their success.

Clinique launches on Amazon!

- Deeploy -

Find out how Clinique is expanding its presence on Amazon, increasing visibility and sales in a cosmetics market undergoing rapid digital transformation.

What's the best business model on Amazon?

- Deeploy -

Team Hybride, Team Retail or Marketplace? Explore why, despite its popularity, the hybrid model may not be the optimal solution for everyone on Amazon.

Amazon goes Tiktokise

- Deeploy -

Amazon embraces video, profoundly transforming customer engagement.
Find out how this accelerated evolution is driving significantly higher click-through rates and boosting revenues.

E-commerce in Europe: Amazon's impact on growth in 2024

- Foxintelligence -

Discover how Amazon is shaping European e-commerce with key events like Black Friday and Prime Day, generating significant sales peaks and continuing to dominate the market.

4 Beauty/health brand mistakes!

- Deeploy -

Explore the four common mistakes beauty and health brands make on Amazon, and how correcting them can unlock significant growth.

The failure of Amazon's "Luxury Stores

- Deeploy -

Dive into the little-known story of Amazon's "Luxury Stores", an initiative aimed at attracting luxury brands that failed to find its audience.

What's at stake for health and beauty brands?

- Deeploy -

Learn why Amazon has become the leader in the French beauty sector, surpassing Nocibé and Sephora, and discover key strategies for success in this competitive environment.

The rise of customization on Amazon

- Deeploy -

Discover how Amazon is transforming e-commerce with its new personalization feature, allowing users to customize colors, fonts and patterns on a variety of products.

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