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Seller training

- Beginner -

Master the advanced techniques of Amazon sales through optimal catalog management, efficient logistics and brand performance analysis.

This course includes :

✔ Seller Central catalog management
▹ Monitoring and optimizing product status
▹ Strategic use of automatic pricing
▹ Proactive catalog problem solving

✔ Logistics and FBA
▹ Efficient shipments creation and storage management
▹ Global management of the BAF, including EU NAP and payments

✔ Brand performance analysis
▹ AB testing & product optimization
▹ Brand analytic: analyzing search volumes
▹ Brand analysis: search query performance
▹ Audience insight: analyze your customers and their buying habits

Your training 100% paid for.

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Learn from Amazon experts

Founded by two Amazon alumni, Deeploy, head of AMZ Alumni, ensures unrivalled expertise with 100% of our Account Strategists certified in Amazon Advertising, guaranteeing best practices for your success on Amazon.

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Testimonial - Beverages

Castel frères: growth of +26%YoY in H1 2023 vs H1 2022

Noémie Morel - E-Commerce Activation Manager at Castel Frères

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Seller training

- Beginner -

Launch yourself successfully on Amazon's platform by learning the fundamentals of seller management, from catalog creation to ad optimization, to build a solid presence right from the start.