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Amazon Ads training

- Beginner -

Learn the basics for launching effective advertising campaigns and increasing the visibility of your products on Amazon.

This course includes :

Learning the fundamentals of advertising on Amazon
    ▹ Types of advertising campaigns
    ▹ Prerequisites for high-performance campaigns

✔ How to develop effective advertising strategies
    ▹ Advertising budget definition and KPI management
    ▹ Performance analysis and optimization of Ads campaigns

Mastering the tools and techniques of Amazon advertising
    ▹ Case studies and knowledge tests   

Your training 100% paid for.

Have your training financed by your company or through your CPF account. Contact us to find out more!

Learn from Amazon experts

Founded by two Amazon alumni, Deeploy, head of AMZ Alumni, ensures unrivalled expertise with 100% of our Account Strategists certified in Amazon Advertising, guaranteeing best practices for your success on Amazon.

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Testimonial - Beauty

Innoxa, leader in eye care in 4 months

Edris Ayadi - Director of Operations, LCA Aroma (Florabiol)

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Amazon Ads training

- Advanced -

Boost your advertising campaigns with advanced strategies and in-depth analysis for optimal ROI.