Who we are? Former Amazonians

Our goal: sustainably grow your sales on Amazon


Co-founder, CEO

Former Amazonian – 5 years

  • 3 positions held : Brand Specialist, Associate Vendor Manager, Senior Vendor Manager
  • Accounts managed: over 100
  • Sales volumes managed: 80 million euros per year

Retail expert in Business Development and Negociation with Amazon

AMAZON experience
held at AMAZON

Our competitive edge

The most advanced Amazon expertise

Results and performance-driven

Strong network within Amazon

All Amazon topics mastered (retail, marketplace, advertising)

Raphaël SAMUEL

Co-founder, COO

Former Amazonian – 5 years

  • 4 positions : Brand Specialist, New Account Manager Marketplace, Deal Project Manager, Senior Advertising Engagement Manager
  • Managed accounts: 91
  • Managed sales volumes: 100 million per year

Marketplace and Advertising expert (visibility and SEO) .

AMAZON experience
held at AMAZON

Our history and values

DEEPLOY was born from a meeting between two former Amazonians, who spent more than 10 years working for the e-commerce giant.
They quickly understood that Amazon was a major growth lever for companies that do not always have the expertise and/or resources to make the most of it.
After more than 5 years spent coaching brands for the benefit of Amazon, they decided to share their expertise and knowledge with brands directly.


We value strong ethical business practices.
We guide brands by offering only the services they need, while being transparent on realistic targets.

Customer satisfaction

All our actions aim at satisfying our customers. We build trust with brands and real win-win partnerships.


We set and maintain high standards in conception and execution of our services.
These high standards help us develop our employees' skills while ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.